Providing the right resources to complement your safety program.


Employees who understand best safety practices are vital to workplace safety.
Recognize safety hazards  |  Make appropriate correction  |  Employee training & education

14 people

lose their lives every day at work in the USA

2.8 million

non-fatal injuries & illnesses reported annually

8 injuries

happen every minute of a typical work day

Wednesday Wisdom

Weekly video series written by Mike Kay of Resource Safety Services.
• Toolbox talk material for relevant safety information for injury prevention.
• Challenges to keep you thinking about best in class safety practices.
• Regulation changes, what you need to know and did you know materials.

Working together to make America safe!

Lack of time and funds, can make it difficult to provide employees safety training.  We provide training at your job site for travel convenience, or in scheduled classroom style curriculum.  Safety training is vital for employees in regards to understanding the best practices related to their jobs; otherwise, employees could find themselves at a higher risk for workplace injury, illness or death.


Reach your safety goals quicker with active employee empowerment and participation.  Make goals measurable and with achievable results.


Developing an employee's safety confidence provides them the skill to work safely in a specific workplace or within a hazardous situation.


An enhanced focus on reducing errors that lead to accidents will increase productivity and reduce negative funds spent on accidents and injuries.


Establish safety as a core value of your work environment to bring awareness to safety minded employees to drop injury risks down.